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Pan Clothing Giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Max D! You are the winner of the Pan Clothing T!!!!!! Thanks to everyone that entered¬† – and subscribers will be getting an email shortly with your Pan Clothing discount code!  


Living with Purpose – Giveaway!

Sometimes someone walks into your life and touches your heart and makes you view the world through a whole new lens. Your heart is touched, and you realize your life will never be the...


Free-rollin’ Friday – Resident Grinch Choice

As luck of the dice would have it, the resident Grinch had high roll this week and was in charge of planning our Free-rollin Friday Funday.  Despite our fears that we would be stuck...


Toss Adventure to Summer Fridays

Every Friday through the summer months, I have the good fortune of using my vacation days at my day job (go ME!!!), giving me a four day work week. With this said – there...


My Perfectly Imperfect Family

After many years of observation, and much thought on this matter, I have come to the conclusion that all of my children suffer from a rare and genetic disease they have inherited from Mackdaddy...


Rugelachs – A Labor of Love

As mothers, there are things we do for our children because, well – we love them and it makes them happy. Rugelachs for example. I HATE making these cookies. It has to do with...


Baby Shower Whole 30-Style

So – here I am — sailing along through my Whole 30 Challenge …currently on Day 20, and just knocking it out of the park! I am used to what I need to avoid,...


A Very Potter Christmas!

Despite my rantings for the last few months that there was absolutely NOTHING that I wanted or needed for Christmas (except perhaps for child #3 and #4 to be angelic for a complete 24-hour...


Melting My Grinch’s Heart

Some of my fondest memories of each of my children revolve around early waking hours of the morning, when they would arise with their fuzzy little heads and sleepy eyes, grab a blanket on...


The Most Valuable Gift this Christmas

If you have been avidly searching for the perfect gift for that special someone on your list – that present so extraordinary that it will knock his or her socks off and they will...

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