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Back in the Blogging Saddle – Summer Movie Series

Summer —- even as a grown-up that word causes all sorts of sweet reverie … ┬álate bedtimes, porch living, sprinklers in the hot summer sun followed by ice pops, catching fireflies in mason jars,...


Don’t Miss the Best Breakfast with Santa EVER this Weekend!

Are you looking for something to do this weekend with your tribe without having to leave the area? Well, look nor further! I have the PERFECT event for you! Come to Cumberland Middle School...


Shop Small Business Saturday in Farmville – What are you Waiting FOR?!

Who says you need to drive all the way to Richmond or the big box stores to complete your holiday shopping needs?! Forget about Amazon, or driving an hour out of your way to...


Welcome to the Heart of Virginia – Adventure Awaits!

There is only one year of my adult life that I have not resided in a rural locality, and I recall that one year feeling like a caged tiger in the circus. We spent...

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