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Low-Carb/No Sugar/Ketogenic (LCHF) Twists on Classic Thanksgiving Favorites

I come by my desire to feed others honestly. Whether it was the Curry side or the Lugar side, we show our love for others by feeding them LOTS of homemade foods passed down...


Scalloped Corn – A Thanksgiving Staple

Corn is one of those essential dishes served on just about every US Thanksgiving table, perhaps tracing it’s roots to the first Thanksgiving.  Everyone has their own traditions, passed down from generation to generation....


A Kernel of Thanks

No matter where we have lived up and down the east coast of the United States, as far north as Vermont and as far south as Virginia, November embodies a season of change and...


Thanksgiving Menu- 2016

When it comes to holiday meals, some items are absolutely sacred, and any changes are sacrilegious (i.e. the Thanksgiving turkey), while others have a bit more flexibility, like side dishes. Since I follow a...


New Thanksgiving Tradition – The Harvest Tree

My 12-year-old son, Michael, keeps telling me I need a holiday intervention (notice his absolute Grumpus expression in photos). You see – I am one of those people that starts planning for next year’s...

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