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Whole 30 Day 23 – Non-Scale Victories

It is Day 23 of my #JanuaryWhole30, and I have started to realize just how many non-scale victories I am encountering. Don’t get my wrong – I am dying to get on the scale...


Baby Shower Whole 30-Style

So – here I am — sailing along through my Whole 30 Challenge …currently on Day 20, and just knocking it out of the park! I am used to what I need to avoid,...


2017 Whole 30 Launch – First Two Weeks Check-In

As Robert Burns said in his poem “To a Mouse”, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. When I began the 2017 Whole 30 Challenge, my intent was to post each week...


2017 Whole 30 Challenge – Are You With Me???

OK – confession warning — I think my entire adult life, I have had a love-hate relationship with food. I LOVE to cook and share good food with friends and family, but I HATE...


Low-Carb/No Sugar/Ketogenic (LCHF) Twists on Classic Thanksgiving Favorites

I come by my desire to feed others honestly. Whether it was the Curry side or the Lugar side, we show our love for others by feeding them LOTS of homemade foods passed down...

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