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Bearing THE Mark – Grandma’s Tattoo

Religion and education run through my veins like a river  – whether you look at my adopted side or my birth side –  the lines run deep back through both lineages. They are a...


Unexpected Journeys – Cristie’s Story

A joy of small-town USA living is knowing everyone ~ and a joy of social media for many of us has been reconnecting with friends and colleagues from past lives we’ve lived at a...


Collision Course

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you,...


Pan Clothing Giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Max D! You are the winner of the Pan Clothing T!!!!!! Thanks to everyone that entered  – and subscribers will be getting an email shortly with your Pan Clothing discount code!  


Living with Purpose – Giveaway!

Sometimes someone walks into your life and touches your heart and makes you view the world through a whole new lens. Your heart is touched, and you realize your life will never be the...


Back in the Saddle

Sometimes, the tides of life get the better of you. Despite your best intentions, you need to step back from some meaningful tasks in your life to keep your head above water. In fact,...


Free-rollin’ Friday – Resident Grinch Choice

As luck of the dice would have it, the resident Grinch had high roll this week and was in charge of planning our Free-rollin Friday Funday.  Despite our fears that we would be stuck...


Toss Adventure to Summer Fridays

Every Friday through the summer months, I have the good fortune of using my vacation days at my day job (go ME!!!), giving me a four day work week. With this said – there...


Back in the Blogging Saddle – Summer Movie Series

Summer —- even as a grown-up that word causes all sorts of sweet reverie …  late bedtimes, porch living, sprinklers in the hot summer sun followed by ice pops, catching fireflies in mason jars,...


Creme Wafers

Where I grew up, baby showers and weddings equaled cookie tables! It didn’t matter what denomination or the size and ethnicity of your family. And it didn’t matter if it was your fifth cousin...

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