Gobs … You Know You’re from Western Pennsylvania if …

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  1. Katie says:

    Thank you for sharing your special recipe! It was a delight to read about your family then and now making these famous Gobs. I am from NY and have moved to a little tiwn outside of Washington PA. Gobs are favorites here. I never made them for my husband, but this Christmas he and our children will have some of your family’s Gobs! Thank you again for sharing!!! Katie in Claysville

    • Christine says:

      Katie — SO glad you like the recipe!!!! And I hope you LOVE raising your children in PA as much as I loved growing up there! There is nothing like small town living for sure – and I am BEYOND delighted that you are using our family recipe to make your own memories!!!! Happy Thanksgiving! (Hope you subscribed to the blog!) 🙂

    • Fred Apple says:

      I was born in Johnstown, and my mom made gobs a lot, thank you

  2. Dianne Mueller says:

    I love Gobs. I have not made them in years and was glad to find this, because I was not able to find my old recipe. I notice some problem in your ingredients list. You do not have the 1/2 cup of crisco, and the eggs were also not listed. I was able to figure it out with your step by step instructions, which are great, and I also found them on your original recipe photo, which was really coo.

    Thanks for posting this.

  3. Ashlee Colwell says:

    Hi! Is this 54 sandwiched cookies or 54 halves? Thanks!

  4. Dawn says:

    I will be making these to sell at a concession stand and packaged individually. I see your recipe would make about 22 sandwiches. Would you say they would be small medium or pretty large? How big of a spoonful do you recommend putting on the pan?

    • Christine says:

      I usually use a metal soup spoon, which makes the cake part I would say medium o large (they will spread a little during cooking).

  5. Northern Gal says:

    Oh my goodness, I was from the mountains in New Paris, PA which put me closer to Central City!! I haven’t spoke to my family due to unfortunate events but LOVE gobs!!! So thankful came across this recipe! I love in the South now and they make Whoopi pies but put fluff and such sweet inside filling…THESE ARE WHAT I LOVE!! I can’t wait to share with my husbands family!!

    • Christine says:

      So glad to hear you enjoy the recipe! I think this has to be one of my most popular posts (especially for all of us that had to pick up roots and move elsewhere!) Also – sorry for the delayed response – life sometimes gets in eth way of my thinking/writing. 🙂

  6. Anita says:

    Thanks for posting. I have been looking for the best gob recipe, when I came across yours. I had to read since I am originally from Windber Pa, now living in upstate NY. These are the gobs from my youth. And you are right you just can not substitute the crisco. Thanks again.

    • Christine says:

      So glad to be of help!!! We went to church in Windber! SS Peter and Paul Orthodox church – the one at the top of the ill with the “gold onion” on top!

  7. Stacey Damurjian says:

    Hi, just surfed the web looking for gob icing recipe and came across your site. I had to click because it said you were from Johnstown! I am from Johnstown too (Ferndale) and wanted to make up some gob cake for a party this weekend. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Nothing like good old Johnstown cooking 🙂

  8. Vickie Licea says:

    I’m from the Johnstown area, actually Dunlo/Llanfair now residing in sunny south Fl. I keep this tradition alive with my kids and grandchildren ❤️

  9. Sheri says:

    I grew up in Davidsville, but now live in Virginia. I never found my mother’s secret gob receipe. I’m glad you shared yours. You can take the girl out of PA, but you can’t take PA out of the girl.

  10. Tim says:

    Normally the milk needs to also be soured by using vinegar. It really does make a difference but I have had them both ways and they are still delicious. I have a book called Gobba Gobba Hey with countless Gob recipes and the original calls for soured milk. Just my two cents.

  11. T.R. Sekerak says:

    Just made some gobs today and was disappointed, got a gob pan for a gift from wilton and used their recipe. The cake part was alright (they baked up good but they fall apart) now the big disappointment was the filling…after following the recipe to a tee you could not use it ( you could pour it out of the bowl like soup) so added somemore conf sugar (about 2 cups) and it thickened up some but when put on the cake it just ran over the sides and the top cake slides off. So i am looking for a good filling (something that is thick and stays in place like frosting) will try this one and see how it works. The recipe i used called for marshmallow creme so after i let them sit in the fridge it got stiff buts thats not what i want…Am also from Pa. (Mundys Corner) now in Fla.

  12. T.R. Sekerak says:

    Just as a added note. Those whoopie pans are great. Nice round cakes (consistent) 3″ round. Inexpensive got an extra one from Amazon. Makes 12 cakes.

  13. Chris says:

    My dad was from Johnstown, my mom from Windber. (Do NOT say she was from Johnstown – rivals, you know. LOL) Although I have never lived there, Johnstown will always be home. Her recipe for gobs is just a bit different than yours – it uses sour milk, as someone else mentioned, and only 1/2 c of boiling water, 1/2 c of cocoa and no vanilla. It also includes 1/2 t salt and 1/2 t cinnamon.

    Your filling is listed as an “alternative” on her recipe. I asked her about it, and she told me that we liked this one better, so that’s the one she made. I have no idea where it came from.
    1/4 lb Oleo
    1/4 t salt
    1 t vanilla
    1 lg egg
    3 3/4 C powdered sugar

    Finally, we individually wrap the gobs in saran wrap and let sit at least over night. This softens the cookie and melds the flavors.

    Oh my. I’m going to have to go make some, now! Thanks for the memories!

    • Christine says:

      Will give your tweaks a try as well! Glad it brought back good memories!

    • Annette Ellis says:

      It’s almost the same recipe my grandmother had! I’m also from Johnstown! We couldn’t wait for Granny’s Gobs! I miss my Granny!😪

  14. Vicki Hudson says:

    I’m so excited to find this recipe. My parents are from Berlin and my grandmother always made gobs. I’ve made Whoopi pies but to me they’re not the same. Looking forward to making these!

  15. Rachael Colon says:

    From somerset/Berlin area here…now living in California (state) and so excited to find this so i can make them for my kids!

  16. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for sharing your family recipe. I made it today, and they are delicious! I was missing Jtown, and this was an excellent substitute! Wonderful goodness, and Crisco is the secret ingredient. I also discovered Crisco is good for dry hands. Lol! Stay well! Please keep posting Johnstown recipes!

    • Christine says:

      Thank you — and SO glad they brought a little bit of Johnstown to you! I have really been slacking n blogging as of late, and will definitely work on upping the ante on Johnstown recipes, and memories!

  17. Jan Tishok says:

    Born in Johnstown, raised in Ebensburg. Have had gobs all my life. Have lived in No Va, Va Beach and now in the Staunton VA area. There’s nothing like western PA gobs. Thanks.

  18. Marie Piisila says:

    I have made these for over 60 years they are even good to freeze and eat like ice-cream sandwiches

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