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  • da-boys
    My youngest tribe at rest
  • mom-and-budd-think-their-25th-annv
    Mom and Budd at their 25th Anniversary
  • mom-2014
  • our-fur-babies-at-mealtime
    Dinner anyone????

2 Responses

  1. Joyce Tibbetts says:

    There is so much here Chrissy! It’s wonderful! I look forward to reading much more. Will I be notified when you post again? I checked the box below, so hopefully that means yes!

    • Christine says:

      Thanks so much Joyce! Your encouragement means THE WORLD to me!

      There is a subscribe box in the left column of the page – if you leave your email address there, you WILL be notified when there is a new post. Right now, I am working on a post for a family favorite fall soup, and if all goes well – an entry about a local shopping event. 🙂

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